Pizza, Podcasts, and Positive People

There is something awesome about how a slice of luke warm cheese pizza tastes at a design meetup. It's freaking fantastic! It's one of the best parts about any meetup or workshop I have attended or hosted. Today, Design Much joined forces with the local SLC chapter of Ladies that UX for a workshop about how to write a perfect (proper) case study. Jordan Reading is brilliant, she presented on the subject today and I can confidently say she always makes me feel dumb - but in a good way.

I was listening to the Kevin Hart episode of Joe Rogan's podcast today as well and that dude is so damn positive about everything. I've been dealing with some pretty toxic people and situations in the last few months and listening to someone like him for even 3 minutes makes you realize how toxic people can infect every part of you. So, lesson learned, you just need some chilled pizza and some Kevin Hart to make you feel better about your place in life.

Speaking of great podcasts, Andy and I also published episode #26 of Design Much and we are trying out a new format. If you have tuned in thus far you know that are previous format started with a "How to" interview with someone in the industry followed by a segment of just the two of us chatting about what we learned. Each episode was about an hour long with a 30-50 minute interview. We never recorded or released episodes regularly, mostly because it's really hard to line up interviews, prepare questions and then schedule a time for the 3 of us to get together in the same room.

The new format will allow us to publish more often, hopefully once a week at least so that we can release more "how to" content. I think it's gonna be good. The basic idea is to get a bunch of topics and questions from those in the industry and then randomly pick one every episode and then try and solve it. We might not solve every topic or question in one episode, so some topics will carry from episode to episode and we might even need to interview people from time to time. The basic idea is to take an idea, problem, topic or question and run it through the same thought process you would any design problem. The first episode was really fun to record, mainly because we showed up not knowing what we were going to say and then walked through a process and next steps.

Now back to positive people. I was reminded by today's event why I love hosting meetup events and design community functions. Some great people attended today and beyond the learning, it was great to hang out afterwards and meet new people. Meeting new people is such a nice way to get an energy boost, especially people that have a different, yet positive, perspective then yourself. If I learned one thing from today's event it was that I do case studies all wrong but I still pronounce GIF correctly.

Pro tip: Get yourself a mentor.

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