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Hiring new designers and Linkin Park

About a week ago I opened a position here at Canopy for a or desogner. We call the role Associate Product Desogner. We need a new team member to help work on the SME internal tool. What shocks me to death is how many applicants be I got in a just a couple weeks with little advertising. Granted we posted the job to DevMtn downstairs and the majority of applicants have DevMtn ties.

I guess what’s shocking to me is how many people put their are looking for gigs in the UX / product design world here in Utah. On one hand it’s great and on the other hand it makes me sad that I can’t hire a bunch of them. I can only hire 1. Sucks. The other surprising thing is how many of them are actually pretty decent designers as newbies. My first work was total shit and I knew nothing about the design process when I left college.

The best part is that some of these designers that have applied are better than the majority of senior designers. Senior designers here in Utah right suck so bad. I feel like th…

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